October 6, 2020

Making maths easy and fun to learn : Activity Based teaching

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Jagrutiben Pandya

Jagrutiben Pandya

To make Maths less cumbersome, teach it to students in a fun, activity-based manner. Get hard boards (that which are generally used for any kind of packaging). Cut the board into various pieces of small size, of the same size (preferably in square shape); Stick white papers on each of these cards; Write numbers of 0 to 9 , -1 to -9, and also put signs of mathematical process on some of them (+, -, = etc); Give questions regarding addition and subtraction of negative and positive numbers; Guide students to arrange the cards according to the given question; Help students arrive at an answer and to place the answer card at the end Demystifying the mathematical process in above mentioned manner will help the teacher in promoting maths as a subject amongst students who are relatively weak in picking it up. The process mentioned above will help them to get involved in an activity and thereby make learning concepts fun.

The concept of introducing flash cards, also can be expanded to : Helping students to remember tables, Undertake other mathematical functions like multiplication, division etc.

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