SRISTI Innovations is a non profitable company set up with the objective of strengthening the capacity of grassroots inventors, innovators and ecopreneurs in the area of conserving biodiversity and developing eco-friendly solution to local problems is engaged inter alia in the area documentation, experimentation, search, development and diffusion of sustainable technologies and institutions. 


Honey Bee Philosophy

Honey Bee signifies a philosophy of discourses, which is fair, authentic and accountable. It advocates people to people learning. The ethics of knowledge extraction, its documentation, dissemination and their abstraction into theories or technologies is the central concern of the Honey Bee Network.

Despite all claims about participatory research and action, seldom have we provided opportunity to creative innovators and traditional knowledge holders to do research themselves as well as in partnership or by hiring formal researchers. The institutional scientists have often paid lip service to the cause of collegial partnership with the local communities and people.

An evidence of this problem is that almost no research council in developed or developing country requires local knowledge providers in villages to be acknowledged by their name and address. Most institutions do not insist on their prior informed consent, although situation is changing in some of the developed countries but in developing countries, the lack of accountability is almost universal. The issue of local communities and innovators being enabled to hire institutional scientists and fire them, if they don’t deliver is in the realm of speculation. Honey Bee Network, started sixteen years ago tried to reverse this logic. There were four principles, which we learnt from the life of honeybee. Learn more