SRISTI has signed an agreement with BIRAC-DBT (  to facilitate the Innovations by students and grassroots people.

The salient features of this agreement are to expand the funnel for early stage student led ideas and innovations,  sometimes only at proof of concept level, for recognition and further development in the field of medical devices, diagnostics and biotech applications for meeting unmet social needs in extremely frugal and potentially sustainable manner. BIRAC-SRISTI GYTI Awards and BIRAC-SRISTI Appreciation Awards were instituted under this Agreement.

  1. BIRAC-SRISTI GYTI Awards: BIRAC will support 15 students who receive the GYTI Award in the category of Medical and Healthcare.  A Grant of Rs. 15 lakh will be given to each awardee to develop his/her project further.
  1. BIRAC-SRISTI Appreciation Awards: BIRAC will support 100 grassroots and students (children’s) innovations. A grant of Rs. 1.0 lacs each will be given to reveal the science and develop product/prototype.

The innovations supported under the scheme will be drawn only from the Sristi’s Techpedia/GYTI and Grassroots database of SRISTI. Students are requested to participate in this initiative of SRISTI-BIRAC by going through the details as Announced on our websites or

While engineering and technology students may visit the GYTI web site to apply for the GYTI Award, the students who are interested to reveal the science of Grassroots innovations could visit the SRISTI website for submission of their proposals. The Proposals are invited in the areas of Life science, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy etc. Learn more