October 6, 2020

Enhancing nutrition levels to improve learning outcomes

By: SRISTI ORG / Inshodh / 0 comment

Dilip Bhalgamiya

To enhance students’ grasping power and to aid in their physical development, introduce pulses as a part of their diet, through the mid-day meal. 1. Organize a health camp to check haemoglobin and iron levels of students; 2. Tell students about the importance of pulses in improving the nutrition levels; 3. Get a handful of pulses to school every day. Encourage students to get pulses, one handful a day; 4. Give the pulses to the mid-day meal cook and tell him/her to use them for preparing the mid-day meal; 5. Add lemon, salt, chilli and tomatoes to make a delicious dish using pulses; 6. Give the nutritious dish to students as part of the mid-day meal; 7. Encourage students to use pulses as a part of their meals at home as well as snack items; 8. Observe usage of pulses in students’ homes through visits and discussions; 9. After six months, check haemoglobin and iron levels of students.

Countering malnutrition helps in enhancing students’ cognitive growth through better nutrition, thus improving learning outcomes. Improved nutrition also leads to increased regularity of attendance.

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