In the memory of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the Honey Bee Network, SRISTI, and GIAN jointly organize an annual competition of student’s innovative and creative ideas to solve societal and grassroots problems.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Ignited Mind Children Creativity and Innovation Award competition accepts entries from students up to class 12 and also from school dropouts up-to 19 years of age. This award aims to develop a culture of samvedna amongst the children to find solutions to local problems, thus addressing unmet social needs. The idea is to make children aware of the problems and hardships that have been faced by the common people in their day-to-day lives with which many of us have learned to adjust, adopt, and live with. If children start becoming impatient with social inertia at an early age, it is likely that they will bring about more creative and compassionate changes in the society as they grow up.

Announcement 2024

Celebrating children as a source of ideas and not just as a sink of sermons!


We are delighted to share that the entries for Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Ignited Mind Children Creativity and Innovation Award 2024 are now open. These awards are given every year to creative children aged under 19 years (either in school or dropped out) who have devised, derived, or thought of an innovative solution to any persistent social problem.

We kindly request you to spread the word in and around your institution and neighborhood and encourage such students to apply for the awards, students who have thought of a solution to any common, day-to-day problems and/or have devised or thought of any method to solve them.


Certain eligibilities/instructions for applying for the awards:

  • Children up-to standard 12th or if dropped out of school, under 19 years of age.
  • A student can send more than one entry.
  • One can send a sketch or drawing of his/her idea/innovation while applying (though it’s not compulsory).
  • Kindly ensure that the idea being sent is original to the student and is unaided by anyone. Teacher’s/parent’s involvement would be accepted only at the application/designing/prototyping stage.
  • If any parent or teacher wishes to send his/her ideas, one may send them at and participate in HBNCRIIA awards.
  • Note that the children from families associated with Honey Bee Network institutions will not be eligible to apply for the awards, though they can submit creative ideas.


Submit entries using the following Google form

One can also send the entries on the following email ID:

Last date to submit the entries is 31st August, 2024.


The Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Ignited Mind Children creativity and Innovation Awards Final Result 2023- Final list

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