October 6, 2020

Learning course text without conjunctions for students who cannot read and write

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Bhavesh Pandya

My favorite school Earlier, students did not like to come to school. Teachers were curious to know what might make the students come to school and for the same they questioned the students. Students answered; they want swing, books, toys, play ground, good sanitation facility, garden etc. The teachers then started collecting money for the same and with the help of the will power of all the villagers, it finally lead to school development.
Students were also invited to participate in this which not only leads to school development but also their personal development. Then, for the development in their reading and writing skills, the teacher created a group of students who could not read and write the basic use of conjunction. Teacher then created a group of students by remedial work. Followed by this, the teachers created stories without the use of conjunction. The text from the text books in the form of stories was converted into a form of ballad. Slowly, the students started using this ballad. The schools nearby had also started using this material Ultimately, due to use of this ballad, the students could not only understand language without the use of conjunction but also it lead to mastery in all the other subjects.


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