Shodh Yatra is to undertake a journey for the search of knowledge, creativity and innovations at the grassroots. Shodh Yatra is an attempt, on the part of SRISTI, to reach out to the most remote parts of the country with a firm belief that the hardship and challenges of natural surroundings are prime motivators of creativity and innovations. 

Shodh Yatra aims at unearthing such traditional knowledge and grassroots innovations.

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SATTVIK  the festival to celebrate traditional nutritious food and associated knowledge systems was started fourteen years ago at the IIM-A, to provide market based incentives for conserving agro-biodiversity. Creation of demand for rarely or less cultivated nutritionally rich crops and varieties may stimulate their cultivation. 

The paradox of development is that the food rich eat, is often poor. While food that poor grow in poorer regions is richer.  

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The workshops aimed at tapping the dormant creative potential of underprivileged children who probably did not have the courage or opportunity or a platform to articulate their ideas. Likewise, children from relatively affluent families who received the award who have innovated in some areas were expected to come out with creative ideas in other domains as well. 


SRISTI has organized 15 competitions amongst 707 rural participants yielding a total of 1638 traditional recipes of food. In addition another 285 competitions were organized during 42 Shodhyatras which yielded another 3150 recipes. The recipe competitions are organised for the women in the villages.