October 6, 2020

Teaching the application based use of science by setting up science hut

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Dharmesh Patel

To enable students to learn the application of science, set up a Science Hut as a space to conduct various experiments.

1. Arrive at a plan to build the Science Hut through discussion with school staff members;  Gather materials for the Science Hut and involve the students in building it;

2. Prepare a list of experiments to be done throughout the year;

3. Based on the experiments, set up the necessary equipments in the Science Hut;

4. Once the Science Hut has been set up, put up science charts and posters in the Hut. Also, put up newspaper clippings of interesting science news and pictures;

5. Divide students into group and appoint a group leader; 6. Group leader to allocate date and time of experiment to group members;

7. Start conducting scientific activities and experiments at the Science Hut;

8. Enable group leaders to guide their group members to conduct the experiments;

9. Organize activities such as dramas, exhibitions at the Science Hut;

10. Invite villagers to the Science Hut and conduct activities to dispel belief in superstitions; 11. Organize a Science Week and invite parents of students as well as other villagers to attend and view various science exhibits and experiments.

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