Sattvik 2016

Sattvik – the festival to celebrate traditional food was started thirteen years ago to promote conservation of agro-biodiversity and creation of demand for nutritional crops, which are rarely or less cultivated now. The paradox of development is such that nutritious food is still consumed in the most under-developed areas and by poorer segments of society. This festival aspires to bring the lesser known but nutrient-rich food from these areas to the urban populace, helping them to adopt healthier food habits and lifestyle. The festival also hopes to encourage the farmers to grow such crops and augment their incomes. Thus, we seek your presence and participation in the event. 24th to 26th December, 2016, Saturday-Sunday-Monday, AES Ground, Behind TV Tower, Bodakdev Rd, Sunrise Park, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad Read more…

Tastes, Ties, Types and Traditions

SATTVIK highlights diversity in cultures and tastes. SATTVIK was first organized in  2003 by SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions) in collaboration with GIAN (Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network) , NIF (National Innovation Foundation), and IIMA (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad) to stimulate demand of local crops and their varieties from dry regions so as to generate market based incentives for their conservation.

The event is held every year usually during 3rd week of December.

Objectives of Sattvik are -

  • To provide a platform for popularizing traditional recipes made from lesser known crop varieties like Kodra (Paspalum scrobiculatum), Bavta (Eleusine coracana), Ragi (Nagli), Samo (Echinocloa colonum), Jowar (Sorghum vulgare), Bajra (millet) and Makka (Zea mays) etc.
  • To help in conserving and popularizing such lesser known varieties.
  • To popularize the use of uncultivated vegetables which are not consumed due to ignorance about their nutritional value. To prepare and serve varieties of delicious dishes from such unnoticed crops.
  • To exhibit creativity and innovation of traditional knowledge holders and students.
  • To provide a platform for traditional organic farmers and help in creating market linkages for their products.
  • To provide a platform for herbal medicines based on traditional knowledge and innovations.
  • To encourage dialogue between students and innovators and thus encourage the spirit of innovation and creativity.
  • To present and popularize folklore, folk songs, folk tales, art, forgotten traditional music instruments.

Guidelines -


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