January 15, 2019

Indigenous knowledge from Tanzania:Bulrush-millet brans keep away Scania

By: SRISTI ORG / Honey Bee Network in Africa / 0 comment

The stored grains need to be protected against the attack of insect pest like the large grain borer.The farmers group in Mbozi (Africa) line the floors of the granary with a layer of bulrush millet bran. They fill grains to about half a foot in the granary, then add a layer of bulrush millet bran. Keep on layering alternately with bulrush millet bran and grains. The thickness of the bran layer should be about 7cm. If the grains are to be stored in a bag then for 90 kg of grains two litres of bulrush millet brans is required. Source: Idiwili Hospital Mbozi, Mbeya


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