January 16, 2019

Indigenous knowledge from Tanzania : Cypress for storing grains

By: SRISTI ORG / Honey Bee Network in Africa / 0 comment

‘Cypress’ (Cupressus lusitanica) tree grows in the colder regions of Africa such as Iringa, Kilimanjaro. The tree is generally used by many people for decoration during Christmas. The granary where grains are to be stored is first swept with green cypress branches. These are then spread in the granary. Grains are filled up to depth of one foot. A layer of cypress branches is placed. Alternate layers of cypress branches and grains are added till the granary is full. When grains are to be stored in a bag, cypress leaves are rubbed on inner side of bag. Then the grains are filled in the bag. Cypress branches are further spread in the bags and also layered between storage bags.

Vol 10(3) Jul-Sep 1999


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