One cup juvar (Sorghum) flour

Half cup soyabean flour

1/4th cup corn flour

2 tbsragi flour

2 tbs oil for mixing in the flours



Boiled water chestnuts, grated 1 cup

2 sps.castor seed powder

1/4th cup oats

1 cup desijaggery

3/4 cups cow milk,

Powdered cardamom



Rose petals two spoons



Roast the oats and grind. 

Boil water chestnuts and grate.

Grind castor seeds. (Castor seeds are edible and doesn’t harm)

Take a thick vessel and boil the milk. Add castor seed powder and cook then add grated water chestnuts, keep stirring. When it becomes thick consistency add oats powder and jaggery, keep stirring, add cardamom powder and remove from the fire and allow it to cool.


Nutrition values – Sattvik puranpoli (sweet bread)

Cultural information – Sattvik puranpoli (sweet bread)