100 GMS juvar flour

25 gms edible gum

100 gms ghee

1 tsp. dry ginger

½ tsp. ganthola (Indian Valerian” or “Tagar-ganthoda) powder

1 tsp. poppy seeds

1 tsp.dessicated coconut

75 gms jaggery



Put edible gum in ghee and keep aside to rise. Not roast the flour in ghee and add edible gum. After two minutes add jaggery, dry ginger, ganthola, poppy seeds. Remove in a flat thali then add dry desiccated coconut and poppy seeds


Nutrition values – Juvar/sorghum & edible gum (tragacanth/gondh) toffee

Cultural information – Juvar/sorghum & edible gum (tragacanth/gondh) toffee