SRISTI is a developmental voluntary organization set up to strengthen the creativity of grassroots inventors, innovators and ecopreneurs engaged in conserving biodiversity and developing eco-friendly solutions to local problems. Here, on the website of SRISTI, you can read about its activities and participate in them, download its newsletter honeybee and research papers and much more...More Details
The book "The Innovation President" was released in presence of The President, President-elect, Vice President, Prime Minister of India and Dr R A Mashelkar, Prof Anil K Gupta and at Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre on 24th July, 2017.

Summer school 2017

Shodh Yatra 40th at Jammu & Kashmir (Gurez Valley)

BIIS: Invitation for technology students to work on grassroots innovations


SRISTI in collaboration with BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India) is organizing two three-week BIIS (Biotech Ignition Innovation School) for validating, value adding and product development around grassroots innovations. The BIIS will also take up a few cases of developing solutions for grassroots applications for human, animals, and agricultural applications including herbal technologies, medical devices and microbial solutions. First BIIS will be held in Ahmedabad, December, 9-29, 2017 and second in Feb, 2018. Currently, we are in the process of talks with the universities in the region for further collaboration in this event.