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June 16 to June 23, 2001

At Village Dabhuda, Rapar taluka, District Kutch fourteen volumes of Gujarati Encyclopedia (Vishwakosh) and other useful books were donated and library was established in the village. Plantation was carried out around the Momai temple with the help of villagers.

At Village Sai, many books useful for children and villagers were donated to establish a library along with 14 volumes of Vishwakosh. In a plantation programme 100 plants were planted in the village.

Two rooms were constructed for primary school at village Pichhana (Badalpur) and a library was established by donating 14 volumes of Vishwakosh as well as other useful books. Plantation was done around the newly established primary school. A well was recharged at the farm of Mr. Narayanbhai Devjibhai during the ‘Shramdan’ programme and a recipe contest was organized in which 22 women participated and prepared 14 different delicious recipes.

Two rooms for primary school were constructed at village Naliya Timba and fifty new students were admitted in the primary school.

At village Mevasa two rooms were constructed for primary school. Fourteen volumes of vishwakosh and useful books for children and youth were donated to establish a library in village. Plant bio-diversity contest was held in the primary school and plantation around the school was carried out as well.

Similar activities were carried out at village Thoriyali, village Kumbhariya, village Khanpar, village Gajuwadh, village Jethasari, village Gongawadh (additionally a ‘chabutara’ (raised platform constructed here for feeding birds) was constructed in the village), village Govindpur, village Badargadh and village Sarasala

Let’s play and learn…..

Let’s play and learn…..

Edutainment-Ramanlal Soni a innovative teacher in action

Edutainment-Ramanlal Soni a innovative teacher in action

A ray of hope

A ray of hope

Can I say something ?

We want to learn

Smile please!!!!!!


Educational toys, pencil, eraser, table books and other useful books were distributed in all the primary schools. Total eight primary schools were constructed in eight different villages. Libraries were established in ten villages and plantations were carried out in many villages. In 14 villages educational toys were distributed. A remarkable contribution was made by Mr Ramanlal Soni (village Tintoi, Modasa taluka, District Sabarkantha), a retired school teacher, for education awareness through his poems, stories and songs. 

Meetings and discussions were held with the villagers to develop interest in children towards education. The knowledge of local people regarding agriculture, veterinary, development of farm implements and other rural skills was compiled and awarded.


At Village Naliya, Timba, Rapar taluka it was found that the earlier strength of students was 50 and an equal number of students were added during the shodh yatra was 50. Only one teacher was handling so many students.

In village Sarsala, Rapar taluka, District Kutch the primary school had a strength of 70 children and it was found that Teachers do not come to the school to teach the students. A 4 standard pass farmer Shri. Mavjibhai Koli teaches the children of the village but he do not get any wages for his work.

The villagers live nomadic life in the village Khanpar, Rapar taluka. Whenever they go for labour work to the other village they move along with their family. Therefore, there is a necessity of mobile school or a hostel in the village. 85 students were studying in the school and 48 were added during the shodh yatra.

In the village Jethsari (Rapar taluka) as many as 46 new students were added during the shodh yatra to the existing 38. Just a single teacher was handling the entire lot of 84 students.


It was decided that a committee would be formed of some renowned teachers who are interested in child education programme which will start ‘Education Awareness Movement ‘ by providing regular visit in different villages of Rapar taluka. All the necessary help and co-operation will be provided by SRISTI.

Libraries would be established in many of the villages and more books would be provided for all age groups and other basic facilities to the libraries established in this Shodhyatra. It was also decided that the next shodh yatra would be held in the Alwar district of Rajasthan from December 24, 2001 to January 1, 2002.