Jackfruit flour – 1 bowl

Rajagra (royal grain/amarnath) flour – 1/2bowl

Jav (Barley)  flour–½ bowl

Ghee &JaggeryDesi


  1. Roast all the 3 flour separately and mix all the 3 flour together.
  2. Thereafter mix jaggery in the flour and allow it to dissolve.
  3. Spread it in a thin layer in a flat thali and allow it cool. Cut pieces and serve.


Jackfruit is beneficial for indigestion. It is cultivated mostly in the coastal areas of Manglore and Konkan. Raw Jackfruit is cooked as vegetable. The pulp of jackfruit and seeds are dried and then turned into flour. Various items like, Idlis, appam, puri and halwa, and kadi are also made from jackfruit flour. Once the mango season is over jackfruit is included in the breakfast instead of other grains. Sucking the pokey peels of the jackfruit helps in tonsillitis. Jackfruit helps in prevention of leprosy as well as gastic problems. The peel of the fruit if fed to milk yielding animals is beneficial to increase the quantity of milk. Ripe Jack is cooling.

Royal grain/Amarnath flour gives calcium 14, Iron 17.6, fiber 27, Calorie 359.

Jackfruit Seeds has 6.6 protien, 0.4 calcium, 50 mg iron, 1.5 phosphorous.

Barley has 11.5 protien, 3.9 fiber, 21.5 phosphorous.