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Dissemination of frugal methods needed for innovative India

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farmer-epaFarmers in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra grow okra as border plantation to their cotton crops and have successfully managed to control the pest menace by using the traditional practise of burying the okra in the ground, says Prof Anil K Gupta.

Gupta, who teaches at the IIM-Ahmedabad and the founder of the National Innovation Foundation details such grassroot innovations in his new book 'Grassroots Innovation: Minds on the Margin are not Marginal Minds.' (Penguin Random House India)

Invitation of quotations from contractors for construction work


We are in the process of developing a new campus for our organization at Grambharti, Amrapur, taluka Mansa, district Gandhinagar. The construction is being done in 5000 approx. sq. ft. of area.

We hereby invite quotations from labor contractors for working at the site. The contractors will have to work at the site All the accessory related to execute the construction works viz Dhabu bharva mate ni plates, supporting Poles, Concrete mixture, Chuna Ghanti, Sand filter, Brick washes, JCB etc needed to be provided by contractor to the labours.

The details of the work include:

Is Your Milk Adulterated? This IITian Has Developed A Simple Test That Can Help You Find Out

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Are you sure the milk you're drinking doesn't have any impurities? Well thanks to an IIT-Madras student, you can be, and you needn't be an expert to find out. 

Avishek Barla, a 23-year-old undergraduate student from the department of Biotechnology in IIT-Madras, has developed a paper strip test that will help identify up to four adulterants in any sample of milk. 

Barla says he came up with this idea in 2014, during a class project. It was part of his minor courseSocial Entrepreneurship in which he had to develop a product and make a business plan around a socially relevant cause.

Members of IIIT-D Received the Prestigious GYTI Award–2016 at Rashtrapati Bhavan

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New Delhi, 18 March 2016: Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi has brought laurels for their brilliantly perceptive innovation under the category of MLM (More from less from Many) at the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award -2016. The felicitation ceremony held on March, 13 at RashtrapatiBhavan, New Delhi. Being selected out of a total of 2363 submissions was a moment to cherish for Mentor-–Dr.VinayakNaik,Student Innovators – Shuchita Gupta andYashovardhan Sharma and to the entire faculty and students of IIIT-D.


Dr. Varsha Singh, Assistant Professor, CSHS, Chitkara University, was awarded Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award (GYTI, 2016), for the invention titled "Neuronal Cells produced from Non-Neuronal Cell Lines using Walnut Oil" in the Technological-edge award category.

The award ceremony was held on March 13, 2016 at the Rastrapati Bhawan, The President’s Estate. In a joint effort of BIRAC-SRISTI, the national awards for innovative research projects were given to various technical institutions/universities by Dr. R.A Mashelkar, Chairperson of National Innovation Foundation (NIF) of India. 43 participants were selected for these national awards for which the stats were: 2363 entries, 272 Universities, 2 Union Territories, 26 States and 125 jury members.

Gandhian Young Technological (GYTI) Award 2016 to Mr. Divakara SS Murthy Uppu

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Mr. Divakara SS Murthy Uppu, (Research Supervisor: Dr. Jayanta Haldar, NCU received Gandhian Young Technological (GYTI) Award 2016 under Technological-Edge category (BIRAC-GYTI) at a function held at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi on December 13, 2016.

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Surgeons can now suture blood vessels in half the time, thanks to IIT student invention

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A tiny eversion clamp, not larger than a thumbnail, is all set to revolutionise the way doctors operate on blood vessels apart from reducing cost and complications of surgeries.

The clamp called Nstomoz has been developed by Anand Parikh, an M.Tech student of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

One of the most complicated jobs of a junior surgeon involves reconnecting blood vessels, a process known as vascular anastomosis. Sheer practicing for years helps specialists including in vascular, cardiovascular, plastic and transplant surgeons master it.

National honours for Global Hospitals

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The Global Medical, Education and Research Foundation, part of the Global Hospitals Group, announced the winning of the prestigious National Innovation Award, 2016 constituted by SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions). 

An innovative product developed jointly by Global Medical Education and Research Foundation and IIT–Delhi won the BIRAC-SRISTI award for biotechnological/medical/healthcare innovation at a function held in New Delhi. The Title of the Innovation was Rapid Endotoxin Entrapment and Detection on surface engineered glass substrates.

Adulterated Milk Can Be Detected In Seconds, With This Paper Strip Invented by an IIT Student

The fight against adulterated milk has just grown stronger. A 23-year-old from IIT-Madras has a simple yet novel innovation to detect milk adulteration with a strip of paper.

Avisek Barla, final year B-Tech student, won the Gandhian Young Technical Innovation (GYTI) Award this year for developing a strip of paper that reveals adulteration in a matter of seconds. Also, it’s cost effective, not just to use but also to manufacture.

The strip is divided into zones. “It can detect as many as four adulterants in a single test,” Avisek says to The New Indian Express, “ The FSSAI identifies about 33 adulterants in milk, and the device so far can detect the presence of glucose, urea, boric acid and detergent.”

When ideas hold the sway

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Literate or not, Indians are getting very innovative realises, RATNADEEP BANERJI.

Seventy one year old Amrutlal Agrawat is from Pikhor village in Junagarh, Gujarat. He lost his father at the tender age of 7 and remained a landless labourer for 15 long years. In 1965, he started making farming equipment. Someone from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad got to know about his work and got very impressed and got him associated with organisations like Society for Research and Initiative for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI)and the National Innovation Foundation to further develop his designs and receive patents. His prototype of a three-wheeled tiller has been adopted in the hilly terrains of Kenya with the initiative of USAID.

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