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CPRI Database Template
Title of the Case
Introduction to the Institution
Coverage of the Institution
Rules for Management of the Institution
(a) Boundary Rules
Social boundaries: Who are\can be included in or members of the institution ? Any specific criteria
Spatial boundaries: The geographical area covered by the institution.
(b) Governance rules
Rules for governing the institution: Organization, election of leaders, accountabilities, sanctions etc. Also including rules for maintenance.
(c) Resource Allocation
Rules for allocating resources managed by the institution. Rules for conservation of resources.
Conflict Resolution Mechanism
Internal and external conflicts. Conflicts can be solved, ongoing or expected (latent).
Problems Faced by Institution
Problems faced by the institution, either because external factors or because of the institutional framework which has been set up.
Changes in the Institution over time
Description of circumstances which have lead to or might lead to changes in the institution.
Other Features of Institution
Features which will add to the understanding of the institution or are of interest for other reasons.
Author, Title, Publisher, City, Year (Reference Database)
Traditional, contemporary, episodic etc
Purpose of the institution as described in the text.
Country (State, Region)
Features of the economic, social and ecological environment which affects the institution. Short historical overview, primarily; when was the institution established and what was the need of the institution (the reason which led people to set up an institution - *important). Size of the group covered by the institution.
Type Of Institution
Nature of Institution
Remarks by the Compiler of the Case Study
Remark by the case compiler
Sristi File Number
Location of the original reference in SRISTI Library
Date Of Publication
Date of Publication of the case