Sattvik – 2016 : 13th Traditional Food Festival

SRISTI invites you and your family to…
The 13th Traditional Food Festival

A cultural milieu to revive the forgotten tastes and hence the forgotten ties!

Date: 9th to 11th January, 2016, Saturday-Sunday-Monday
Place: New Campus, IIM, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad
Time: 11.00 am to 10.00 pm
Taste, Ties, Types and Traditions

SATTVIK 2016 continues SRISTI’s twelve year old tradition to raise awareness about biodiversity conservation, promote traditional recipes and stimulate the demand for indigenous crops and varieties. The event is being held from January, 9-11, 2016 at IIMA, New Campus.

Every year, SRISTI strives to make the food even healthier. This year the use of maida and cotton seed oil is prohibited. The use of plastic has also been prohibited. This time we have gone a step ahead and set up a 10 cubic meter flexible bio-gas plant at the festival site. All the waste collected during the festival will be converted to bio-gas and will be put to good use instead of being dumped at garbage disposal sites.

There are 144 stalls this year. Some of the traditional recipes which you can relish in this year’s festival are:

 Bengali Ghughni, Nagli Raab, Oats and Flax Seed Chilla, Mushroom Paratha, Litti Chokha, Maduwa Pittha, Gundli Kheer, Bara Gulla, Sati ki Kadhi, Kersangri curry, Black rice kheer, Bittergourd dumplings, Varieties made of Ragi (laddus, rotlas, South Indian delicacies), Bavta Laddus, Aloe Vera Flower Curry, Kodo Millet delicacies, Innovative Matla Undhiyu, Drumstick Thepla, Variety of Amla Products and delicacies, Maize Wrap, Parsi delicacies, Mung Dal ki Kheer, Nutritious Sattvik and Natural Drinks and many more such traditional recipes from Jammu & Kashmir, Orissa, Manipur, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu etc. Other delicacies like Findala ice-cream from Lokmitra organization of Dheduki, Banana stem kachori and Pan milk shake from West Bengal, Sati ki Kadhi and Gudiyani from Haryana, Jewish recipes, Pongal from Tamil Nadu, Madhuwa pitha and Idsha from Jharkhand, Ragi tea from Odisha, Singju and Kingchilly with pickle from Manipur and Kang Sheera from Himachal Pradesh will also be  served at Sattvik.

This year, the Khedut Haat has been split in two parts. A separate stage has been set up for sellers of organic produce verified by SRISTI. SRISTI and HBN volunteers along with other local NGOs have verified the farms from where this produce is sourced at the preharvest stage. They have ensured that the farmer has grown organic food for the three years and that runoffs from the neighbouring farms do not pass through the farm being verified. A group will be selling camel and sheep milk.

 Sattvik provides a platform for social entrepreneurs and provides them space free of cost so that they can share their vision and ideologies with the visitors.  There are also various activities planned for children during Sattvik that showcases traditional themes.

Recipe contest sattvik-2016

This year’s recipe competition brought forward some unique recipes. Thirty eight people participated in the competition. The five winning recipes this year were,

  • Aloe vera halvo, roasted ragi porridge (Kalpana Mehta)
  • Amla laddoo, Five grain and five pulse parathas with stuffed sprouts, Moringa candy to entice young children to eat Moringa. (Gaurangi Panchal)
  • Dumplings from Kuvadiya weed leaves and multigrain flour, Madhuca indica laddoo (without any added sugar). Kang grain cooked with curd. (Tarulataben Panchal)
  • Amaranthus porridge, horsegram pancake, forest grown black rice and black dal. (Geeta Bist (Uttaranchal))
  • Stuffed Multivegetable parathas, “Parval” and Moringa soup, kodri and radish sukhdi sweet, ginger sukhdi and beet sukhdi (Nileshbhai Ranpura and Bhargav Bhadiyadra)

Other interesting recipes were sweets made from whole wheat,barley, moraiya, ragi and dates sweet, ragi and moraiya, pumpkin, multiple spices and ginger, local yam species. There were also sweets drinks like barley and yoghurt drink, soya porridge, gulkand and sandal drinks.

Recipes like sesame and soya tikki, fand (a type of creeper) dumpling and curry leaves chutneys also piqued the judges interest.

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