Recipe Competition – Vangi Harifai

Recipe Competition- Vangi Harifai 

The aim of this competition is to direct the families who wish to stay healthy. It has a positive impact on the well being of children, families and the wider community. Such a competition helps:-

  • To raise awareness about healthy eating and cooking habits.
  • To use of traditional food and traditional methods of cooking.
  • To realize that cooking is fun.
  • To access healthy food at affordable rates for people who are economically not sound.
  • To change the perceptions about techniques that are required to cook healthy food.

Criterion for participation:-

The competition consists of creating a healthy meal which is composed of traditional foods. The meal proposed can be a main meal of the day, a snack or a lunch box, a beverage, accompaniment, dessert etc. There is no deadline of submitting just one recipe. We welcome more entries by a person.

To enter the competition, participants need to submit a short written explanation of why they think their recipe is healthy in terms of traditional value and overall balance of nutrients.

 The judges will be judging on the following criteria:

  • Balance of meal
  • Colour aspects
  • Presentation
  • Taste
  • Ease of making
  • Cost

Chef se Muqabala

Successful candidates will be invited to a finale where it will be a faceoff between amateur & professional chefs. The catch is to prepare recipes based on the traditional ingredients given and compete with the professionals. There will be prizes for the winner.

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