Child Labor Tracking System

Child labor tracking system is an Android application which allow the general mobile users to report to the authority if anywhere the child labor act is being practiced.

This application uses the features such as camera, Internet and GPS (Global positioning system) which are all available in the normal Android phone which most the mobile users have.



Users just need to install this app on to their cell phone. Whenever they come across any such incident, they should capture which is going to be the photo evidence of the incident. Soon after the photo capture, the app will track the location of the user with the exact latitude and longitude. App also allows the users to write a short description about the incident happened and all this data is submitted to the server maintained by respective authority.

In the first screenshot, I took a picture of something as an example, the location i.e latitude and longitude is identified, I written a small descriotion about the event, on pressing the report button. The second screenshot will be displayed.

The app got a simple user interface which can be used easily and press REPORT to submit the the evidences.



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