Increasing Productivity of Cobbler by mechanization of shoe polishing process

At a railway station and bus station most of child are working as a cobbler for polishing a shoes and sewing foot-wears, because those are the places where many people  come and get their shoes cleaned.

While visiting the railway station of ‘kalupur, ahmedabad’ for seeing children who work as a cobbler and polish the  shoes of  people.

First, we visited out side the station and afterward we move inside the station but surprisingly as expected we were unable to find any child working as a cobbler. We even asked from a policeman, then he told that now in ahmedabad there are no child is working as cobbler at railway station.

Finally, we met a cobbler after a long search far from railway station. We had a good conversation with him, as he was free. He told that it is hard to make a sewing machine for old foot wears because the cuts are not symmetric but it will be better if we try for a affordable polishing machine.

While conversation we came to know that some main parts of polishing process are dirt brushing, applying polish and afterward cream and then again a soft brushing. The brushing is the main part of polishing.

He also told the expected range of price which they can afford, it was 1000-2000 rs.

It is possible to mechanize the polishing process. A machine which could brush all the sides of shoe and also can apply or spray polish and cream. As keeping price in mind it should manual and it should take less time than doing whole process by hand. In general, it takes around 5-7 minutes to polish a pair of shoe.

BY: Maulik kardani, Jaysh dodoya, Utkarsh Gupta