Improvised Load Carrying Device

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Child labour at a construction site      Children carrying vegetables on head                                                                                      

In this version of load carrying device,the weight is distributed over the shoulders and the upper back,substituting the traditional way of carrying bricks on the head.The hands rest in an ergonomically comfortable position on the supports provided,thus also contributing in balancing the weight which is on the platform above.This device is made from stainless steel which is high in strength and at the same time very light

Prototype of our design


Sreenath Mallela

D Sai Sidharth

(BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus)

Transportation of Bricks through Portable and Adjustable Conveyor Belt

Transportation of Bricks is a major problem for workers at construction site especially for women and children and yeah of course it would be helpful for those people if anything beneficial can be done thereby reducing their work for loading and unloading of bricks, reducing accidental chances as well as increasing their efficiency.

As shown in figure, a manually driven conveyor belt is designed that can be adjustable as the height of wall varies and if needed for vertical transport, some extrudes can be given to keep the bricks.

The conveyor belt is made in parts and can be detached when needed to carry from one place to another place as shown in figure. The conveyor belt can be driven either by hand or pedal.

This concept will definitely need less work from workers and hence can increase their productivity as well and more importantly it will reduce CHILD LABOUR.


By: Utkarsh Gupta, Anshul Garg

Bricks carrier jacket

A jacket can be made using a wooden/other material back support, having inclined platform to place bricks, which may be supported by threads to distribute the load on shoulder and the lower body part as shown in the picture.

This jacket will have 3 belts 2 for distributing the weight on shoulder and one rounding the lower abdominal portion of human. The postion of belts can be changed.

the inclined platform for putting bricks will ensure that person carrying this jacket walks with it in straight posture (Without bending and so without back pain).

By: Mohit Arora, Devanshi Parikh

Hand driven bricks transport vehicle

Transportation of Bricks at construction site leads to severe problems to the workers including children. Also the number of bricks transported on head are usually 10-14, leading to lower efficiency and accidental risk.

As shown in the picture, one wheel transport vehicle can be designed for bricks transport at the site. It can be easily pushed to transfer the bricks, requiring less power.

The difference between the wheelbarrow/trolley and our vehicle is majorly the efforts required to first pull the weight and simultaneously push it forward for movement while our vehicle will use maximally the efforts on pushing it forward so less energy is required.

Variation in number of wheels and design, as shown in picture, can also give a better vehicle based on test conditions

By: Mohit Arora, Devanshi Parikh