Efficient Gloves

Rag pickers prefer using hand over any other picking tool available. they site the reason as lower efficiency in collection. A durable, light weight, sweat socking gloves can be designed for the rag pickers.

The durability of the gloves can be enhanced using appropriate outer cloth/material. This can be highly successful if such nano-technological coating can be applied as shown in video.




Hand driven light weight plastic waste compactor

Rag pickers prefers plastic bottles in their collection due to its reasonable prize. Plastic bottles are usually take much space because of  light weight-high volume nature. Rag pickers have to collect a huge number of bottles for getting sufficient weight.

A hand driven plastic compactors can be made to crush the bottles etc and making it compact leading to less space requirements, increasing the efficiency of collection and so the income. This will be a light weight tool. In conditions where rag picker have to transfer the recyclable waste for selling it, this tool can be very effective.

The crude design of compactor shown in picture:

The variation can be made in the mode of running by paddle.

By: Mohit Arora, Devanshi Parikh