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Join us as a Volunteer

Who can be the volunteer of Honey Bee Network?

Honey Bee Network is open to people belonging to all the walks of life. Our network consists of people ranging from academicians to field practitioners, from research scholars to grassroots innovators, from technical professionals to green agriculturalists. Any body with a strong commitment for the improvement of local knowledge network, innovations, grassroots creativity, conservation of bio-diversity, natural resource management, augmentation of innovation, intellectual property rights etc. can be the volunteers of Honey Bee Network.

Why should you become the volunteer of Honey Bee Network? India is the fourth largest economy in the world and envisions to become the global knowledge leader by 2012. However, this is unfortunate to see that the entire preparation to become global knowledge leader has only encompassed the formal domains of knowledge. Unearthing the huge reservoir of local knowledge that lies with the traditional and grassroots knowledge holders can help India fasten the pace of achieving the status of knowledge leader and a creative society. You can contribute in your own way:
  • If you feel that lots of poor people are so poor not because they can not think, but because their ideas and initiatives do not get space for expansion and fulfilment.
  • If you think that there are many dreams that you had which you could not fulfil in your life but would like others to fulfil them sooner rather than later.
  • If you want to invest in green ideas which involve risk but may help society as well as our lives if successful.
  • If you yourself have some innovative green idea and do not know who to contact for making it grow, generate wealth and make this world greener, fairer and more humane.
  • If you are a scientist or technologist and can pursue research yourself or guide your students to add value in local knowledge and innovations.
  • If you are an entrepreneur who wants to scale up some other innovator's innovation.
  • If you are a scientist who can add value to the existing activities of the Natural Product Laboratory and incubation processes of the innovations.
  • If you are a policy maker who no more enjoys stifling initiative of others and instead enjoys helping others grow.
  • If you are a teacher who can persuade your students to take pride in scouting and augmenting grassroots innovations and help liberate the colonized minds of the elite.
  • If you are a student who is interested in unravelling the creative potential of the grassroots genius, identifying the local innovations and knowledge heuristics, obtaining the PIC forms etc through research and dissertations.
How much time, can I give for Honey Bee Network?

Time is certainly not the criteria for joining hands with Honey Bee Network. What matters is the burning desire on your part to take India step forward by putting the whole range of issues pertaining to traditional knowledge, grassroots innovations, bio- diversity, entrepreneurship etc. in perspective. If you are staying abroad, you can disseminate the local knowledge and unique practices of your region and make it an innovative and knowledge rich society. Your time contribution may range from one day a week to one hour per day. You can also think of giving certain days per week or a few months. Time is yours, so is your commitment.

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