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HoneyBee (English) MAGAZINE

Issue - October - March / 2014 - 2015       Volume - 25(4)-26(1)
Title - Mind on the margin is not a marginal mind

  • China Innovation Network (CHIN)
  • Creative Children
  • Neglected Labourer

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The Honey Bee Network has received support from thousands of volunteers over the last two and half a decade while pooling and sharing its ideas, innovations and initiatives through this newsletter. It is difficult to acknowledge all of them. No matter how hard we try, some will certainty be left out. We request all such colleagues to forgive our acts of commission and omission and accept that the Network could not have made all the progress that it has without your unstinted help, guidance and criticism. Please feel free to write to us and contribute towards whichever initiative mentioned in this special issue.

Several senior colleagues have guided our journey and we trust they realise how much have we learned from them: Dr R A Mashelkar, Ms Elaben Bhatt, Dr P Pushpangadan, Prof P L Gautam, Prof Gajendra Singh, Prof Abdul Samad, Dr Sudarshan Iyengar, Prof Anamik Shah, Dr Raguvirbhai Choudhary, Dr V L Kelkar, Dr E A S Sarma, Dr T Ramasami, Dr V S Ramamurthy, Late Dr Y P Singh, Dr S N Kakar, Prof Kuldeep Mathur, Prof Ashoke Chaterjee, Prof Pradyuman Vyas, Prof Santosh Satya, H K Mittal, Dr. A. K. Aggarwal and so many more.

Support from IIMA has been perhaps unparalleled in the history of academic support to the new social movements anywhere. To name only a few colleagues who have supported the Honey Bee Network in the past or continue to do now: Prof P K Sinha, Bakul Dholakia, Sanjay Verma, Abraham Koshy, Rakesh Basant, Vijay Gaikwad, P M Shingi, Brij Kothari, Mukund Dixit, Asha Kaul, Ashish Nanda, Pankaj Chandra, Pradeep Khandwala, Ravindra Dholakia and so many more staff, students and alumni.