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Issue - April - June / 2014 - 2014       Volume - 25.2, Magazine - 25.2
Title - Can fragrance be fenced?

  • Courage, Creativity and Compassion: 33rd Shodhyatra in Haryana
  • Centenarian: Bearing with pain, enhances it
  • Sari of straw
There was a young woman who took great pride in the growth and care of the flowers in her flower garden. She had been raised by her grandmother who taught her to love and care for flowers as she herself had done. So, like her grandmother, her flower garden was second to none. read more

Issue - January - March / 2014 - 2014       Volume - 25.1, Magazine - 25.1
Title - What only a corn cob can do?

  • 32 Shodhyatra Punjab: A Land of Innovations and Ironies
  • Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Awards
  • IGNITE 13
No matter how vulnerable one is, one often searches for a more vulnerable person to blame for one's own inadequacies. Given the economic stress, many small entrepreneurs face enormous challenges in the market place. It is not easy to get payment on time for supplies made. In the light of everrising expectations of the clients, the quality control also requires considerable attention. Some of the problems are inherent in the processes and materials used for manufacturing different devices or components. In various meetings, it was common to hear small entrepreneurs blaming workers for leaving for better pastures after they were trained. It was alleged that they did not work hard, they were unwilling to learn and so on. It seemed that a large number of problems of small enterprises owed their origin to the rising aspirations of the workers and inability or the unwillingness of the entrepreneurs to meet those. read more

Issue - October - December / 2013 - 2013       Volume - 24.4, Magazine - 24.4
Title - Bringing out the best in others

  • 31st Shodhyatra Part - II
  • Sattvik : The Traditional Food Festival
  • Siberian Roots of Creativity
Once we approach the summer, cool breeze will set in. The moist breeze compels the male weaver birds to build compels the male weaver birds to build nests over wells and in the branches of dry tall trees, like the goddess Durga, the female weaver bird will come and inspect the nest; if not to her taste, she will destroy it and the male bird has to build the nest all over again. No matter how many colours he adoms himself with to lure her to his nest, it is not just his dress that she pays attention to. read more

Issue - July - September / 2013 - 2013       Volume - 24.3, Magazine - 24.3
Title - Why do Some Trees Disappear?

  • 31st Shodhyatra A Dim Flame of Gandhian Legacy
  • Teachers as Transformers
  • IGNITE Awards - 2013
\"Why do some trees disappear?” Sonam asked his teacher. It was a beautiful, sunny morning and the teacher had taken the class to a monastery. His students were not surprised because the teacher would often take them out for a walk in the woods or along the river. This morning, the teacher had given them a giant task. He had asked them to bring their foot rulers and measure the length and breadth of the monastery. It was just a few more metres away, on the top of the mountain. The children ran towards the walls of the building and all of them started measuring from different ends. read more

Issue - April - June / 2013 - 2013       Volume - 24.2, Magazine - 24.2
Title - Tsunami of wisdom

  • techpedia.in : Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards, 2013
  • Centenarian : Epitome of longevity and liveliness
  • Renewing old ties: Revisiting our innovators-ii
Once there was a good old man who lived up on a mountain, far away in Japan. all round his little house the moutain was flat, and the ground was rich: and there were the rice fields of all the peple who lived in the village at the foot of the mountain. Every morning and evening, the old man and his little grandson, who lived with him, used to look far down on the people at work in the village, and watch the blue sea which lay all round the land, so close that there was no room for fields below, only for houses. The little boy loved the rice fields, dearly, for he know that all the good food for all the prople came from theml; and he often helped his grandgather to watch over them read more

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