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Magazine Editorial

HoneyBee Editorial

Volume: 27.4
Title: Fuelling Imagination of Young Empathetic Innovators of India
Abstract: Many cars collided on Mathura road a few months ago because the drivers could not see a car in accident ahead due to fog. This could have been avoided if the idea of Gayathri and Pranav from Naval school, Kochi, Kerala had been implemented in vehicles. They suggested that whenever a two-wheeler (for that matter, any vehicle) meets with an accident, an emergency light should start flickering along with an alarm so that vehicles approaching the spot could be alerted. Auto manufacturers should take note. In the earlier round of Ignite competitions for children, we have received many ideas to improve auto sector from the safety perspective. in one such idea by S R Valava, Kalpakkam related to window panes coming down automatically when carbon dioxide levels went up in a car with doors closed. Many times children or elderly are inside car, with doors closed and a/c on. NIF fab-lab team show-cased a prototype of this modified car at Festival of Innovation exhibition. Similarly, if a driver smells of alcohol, a vapour sensor will disconnect the ignition and car will not start. Insurance company should invest in such innovations. Three girls from Latur had earlier submitted an idea, techepdia.sristi.org for a black box for car so that in the event of unfortunate accident, insurance companies can get data on driver’s performance and diligence. A lot of undue payments for reckless driving can be avoided and irresponsible behaviour can be restrained.
Editorial Name: Anil K Gupta
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