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SRISTI's Initiatives Relief Rehabilitation School Children Project Shodhyatra 7
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Reports on Earthquake Relief & Rehabilitation efforts in Kutch:

Kutch an eye witness account: 

An earthquake hit Bhuj on 26th January 2001, it has overwhelmed the area with death, destruction of unimaginable magnitude. The once flourishing towns/ villages have been reduced to a heap of rubble. The natureís ire has caught the region unaware and inflicted upon the population death (over one Lakh), destruction (in villages & towns all structures have been flattened, communication disrupted, water & electricity supply gone and everything resembles a war zone). Read More...


Silver Lining in Dark Clouds: 

When the earthquake of 7.9 magnitude on Richter scale affected much of Gujarat and showed much of its ire in Kutch, little did people realize how they are going to rebuild all that they have built through hundreds of years. But they say there is a silver lining in every cloud. A small Gandhian Institute "Gram Swarajaya Seva Sangh" in Nilpar village showed the way for the dazed population of Rapar. Situated in Rapar Taluka of district Kutch, though itself reduced to a heap of rubble and stones the Institutes residents got together their spirit under the leadership of its Director Mr. Ramesh Bhai Sangvi. The institute putting aside its own rebuilding efforts purged itself into helping the adjoining areas severely affected by the quake. Read More...



Networking Innovative teachers for Educational Rehabilitation: SRISTIís & IIMACORE initiative for rebuilding Kutch

SRISTI and IIMA-CORE initiated relief work on the very next day of the earthquake. The very next day collection center at IIMA started functioning and goods have been deployed at interior villages. For effective distribution, need-assessment survey undertaken with the help of IIMA faculty, students and SRISTI volunteers. Read More...


A Volunteers view point on SRISTI-IIMACORE School Project: Neil Mascarenhas


The project undertaken involved the documentation of the work done by SRISTI in education and towards setting up of supplementary schools and ashrams in selected villages of Rapar taluka, Kutch area. It is part of the ongoing rehabilitation effort SRISTI is providing to the affected villages and peoples.  Read more... 


Sikshan Sodh Evam Shram Arpan Yatra: 

The seventh Shodhyatra was devoted to a special cause and planned to serve the purpose of educational rehabilitation in most-affected sixteen villages of Rapar taluka of Kutch. While most of the agencies and government efforts geared more towards distribution of goods and civil works, education rehabilitation has been considered is an area, which had been neglected. Read More....


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