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Educational games for children from the age of 4 to 9:

1. GCOMPRIS : This teaches various things like: · Using key board and mouse clicks in various ways · Colour based activities · Recognize left and right hands · Reading time from clock · Repeating melody games · Very basics of how a canal works · Make electrical circuits · Typing text · Counting and mathematical activities · Geometry activities · Various puzzles · Reading activities i.e. recognizing words and letters

2. SEBERAN : This software has many topics which teach various basics like math and English in an entertaining way. They are: · Counting game: 'how many' · Addition game · Multiplication game · Memory game · Word memory game · Subtraction game · Guessing the word game: 'hangman' · Typing alphabet games: 'abc rain' and 'letter rain' · Recognizing picture game · Filling first letter game · Math game: '1+2 rain' Any time to know more about the activity you are doing, you may click on the question mark sign '?' on the screen for opening the help window