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Mathematical games

1.2+2 Maths for Kids : This is very interesting and easy to use software for primary children. It helps to learn the following:

It helps the students to learn maths by doing activities like identifying and marking pictures, counting in sequence, learning tables, using < , > and = signs, adding of dots and numbers, subtracting of dots and numbers, finding the missing operation when the result of the operation is given, multiplication and division.

2.Counting Machine : This software has sound and visual effects. The student can choose to ‘count up' or ‘count down', count by a definite number and count up to a definite number. The student can choose the sound and object of its own choice. By pressing the space bar, the student can view random counting. It must be kept in mind that ‘count up' and ‘count down' will be faster than counting by incrementing or decrementing manually.

3. Numbers: This software teaches counting from 0 to 20 in increasing and decreasing order to primary students. It is animated with sound and visual effects. It helps the students to learn numbers in an easy and entertaining way.