Drawing and paiting tools for children from age 4 to 9.1.

CYBERSTART : This simple software is for the beginners. This software helps them how to recognize various shapes and colours. To open and go through this software, children need not click any key. They can play by only moving the mouse over various figures. http://www.larryloveland.com

2. DRAWING FOR CHILDREN : This software is for children of primary level. Using this software you can enjoy drawing with the help of various tools given on the top of the screen in the tool bar. After selecting one tool from the top, you have various options related to that tool in the side bar along with different colours. By choosing tools and colours according to your liking you can draw your favourite drawing and enjoy colouring. http://drawing.gamemaker.nl

3. KEA COLOURING BOOK : This colouring software provides various drawing books and sketches. The kids can draw a new sketch and paint it or can choose any of the given drawings. It is an easy way to fill colours in the life of small children. This software contains many tools which will help kids to make their drawings and fill colours. http://www.keasoftware.com

4. TUX PAINT : This software is for primary level children. It contains colouring books. You can draw a sketch and colour it or you can colour the sketches provided by tux paint by clicking 'new' in the colouring page and choosing the background colour or your favourite drawing. Before exiting, click on save if you want your drawing to be saved. http://www.tuxpaint.org






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