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Magnitude 6.8 quake in India, several dead

Disaster Management Information System Forum

"Cracks have developed in some buildings in Gangtok. Most phone lines are down and there is no electricity now. People have come out on the street," said Gangtok resident Bobby Dahal.

"It is too early to ascertain any damage. We are trying to get in touch with the state government of Sikkim to know if they need any help from us," Sujata Saunail, joint secretary of he National Disaster Management Authority, told Reuters.

Sikkim is India's least populous state, located in the Himalayas between Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

DMIS : Issues in Technology

Disaster Management Information System Forum

I think this Discussion Forum on DMIS is a welcome addition to the efforts to create an Indian approach to sustainable disaster preparedness and emergency response strategies. I have been working with the convergence of technologies of different kinds, including a satellite communication network linking all districts of Maharashtra, a DMIS developed using ARCINFO with spatial and non-spatial information on 43,000 villages of Mahrashtra and am currently exploring cheaper and easily replicable solutions. Ideally, the DMIS must be OS-independent, preferably in the public domain, with flexible RDBMS backends which can import data from a variety of data bases and integrate them and a public domain GIS Front End with regional language interfaces. The ideal environment appears LYNUX to make this feasible for large scale low cost public domain dissemination. I will be happy to intercat with others thinking along these lines, as we have initiated a small project to make this feasible in Mahrashtra.

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