Earthquake Relief & Rehabilitation Efforts in Kutch

January 26th 2001 Gujarat will forever remember this day of natures ire. On this day the earth heaved andleft in its wake grieving families, fallen buildings and broken dreams. Towns & villages which a day before were full of life had been reduced to pile of rubble. One of the worst affected areas was Kutch where towns of Anjar and Bachao were completely wiped out. In Bhuj 90% of buildings were affected and almost all the villages in the regions were reduced to a pile of stones, rocks and rubble.

Thousands died Govt. put the estimates at 22,000 but independent sources claim that the toll is about 100,000. With whole families having vanished there is nobody to tell who is missing. Now people in these towns are realizing that they are missing some of the people that they used to see in there neighbourhood before the quake.

Thousands of crore of property was destroyed in a few cataclysmic minutes (approximately 23,000 crores about US $ 500,00,00,000)



Earthquake affected area in Gujarat

Earthquake of 7.9 magnitude on Richter scale affected much of Gujarat and showed much of its ire in Kutch, little did people realize how they are going to rebuild all that they have built through hundreds of years. Gujarat came out of this catastrophe due to Herculean efforts of citizens groups, NGO's and self motivated volunteers who poured in supplies and man power at the time of need.

International relief agencies, donor agencies, groups, individuals and countries came out with support for the affected people of Gujarat. The support received from Kutchi NRI community is worth to mention at this juncture.

SRISTI extended its support to the earthquake affected areas. To know more about Sristi's earthquake initiatives. Click Here...