Mail from Devadas


"PLEASE help us. We're hungry, outside without any shelter, its raining, we're cold" - A desperate plea from a young child who had lost 15 relatives, Hope that you have gone through Prof Anil Gupta's message regarding the J&K earth quake relief (JAKEQR) work.

As you know, the winter is fast approaching Kashmir. The cold has already set in. Many houses and schools have crumbled. Our brethren are pleading for help.

Lets help them!!

Two PGP2s -Javed and Suresh Chand- will be leaving for Uri (Kashmir) on Sunday, early morning. We are planning to send some medicines and extend financial support through them. We should be able to mobilise some resources for the same by then. We are trying to get the medical supplies-antibiotics, antipyretics and painkillers-from some of the major pharma companies in and around Ahmedabad. We would also be contacting companies in the area of marketing packaged food products . We are also trying to get help from sectors such as logistics for transportation of the collected materials.

  1. We shall be opening an account with SBI in our campus for all monetary transactions related to the JAKEQR.
  2. This will not be an sole IIMA effort. We shall be inviting other colleges in Ahmedabad to contribute as much as they can.
  3. IIMA will act as a control point for the JAKEQR here.
  4. We are trying to get help from corporates as well.

Please contribute to this effort by any means and measure as you can. It can be by cash, in kind or through volunteering. There will be a person in each dorm to collect your contributions. We would also like to get from you some contacts through which we would be able to get some additional resources such as blankets, medicine, foodstuff (biscuits etc), tents, lanterns, hot water bottles etc.

I have formed an initial team of volunteers. I request all of you to join in this effort.

Please send your queries and suggestions by dbab or by email to me (7309 / 9426750637) , or Tahseen (2632-6107) or Algo (2632-7012) or Rahul (2632-7510) or Sourav (2632 7612). 
Our advisor in this effort will be Prof Anil Gupta (26324927).