Information about timber-constructed housing

Dear Anil, dear Devadas,

I received your email regarding request for urgent earthquake relief efforts. Thank you very much for the steps you undertake.

Let me provide you with some information about timber-constructed housing products which might become of interest for those who are engaged in drafting mid-term and long-term relief effort activities.

In this email, I am attaching a brochure informing about a housing-container system offered by Timber Construction Services Germany GmbH (TCS). Apart from the current earthquake disaster in the Kashmir-region, TCS ask me to disseminate information on its products and services of earthquake-resistant timber constructions including its housing-container system. As you may know, timber constructed buildings provide the highest level of earthquake resistence and safety. In addition, the insulation effect of timber constructed houses results in an excellent interior climate of the house over both the hot and the cold season - compared with traditional construction styles such as bricks and/or concrete.

Such shelter could be considered as a possible solution for fast and durable housing reconstruction for many people with respect to the upcoming winter season. On the other hand, I do not know whether the urgency for help in that region would disregard this option at all, considering the transportation time for the products.

Notwithstanding that, in a second Email I will send further brochures on other earthquake-resistant timber constructions. You might be interested in it and/or you may have contacts to which the information could be forwarded.

Please contact me if I can provide further information and/or support. I would be happy to establish direct contacts to TCS in order to analyze how fast any product could be delivered to the region.

Kind regards,


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