DMIS : Issues in Technology

Disaster Management Information System Forum

I think this Discussion Forum on DMIS is a welcome addition to the efforts to create an Indian approach to sustainable disaster preparedness and emergency response strategies. I have been working with the convergence of technologies of different kinds, including a satellite communication network linking all districts of Maharashtra, a DMIS developed using ARCINFO with spatial and non-spatial information on 43,000 villages of Mahrashtra and am currently exploring cheaper and easily replicable solutions. Ideally, the DMIS must be OS-independent, preferably in the public domain, with flexible RDBMS backends which can import data from a variety of data bases and integrate them and a public domain GIS Front End with regional language interfaces. The ideal environment appears LYNUX to make this feasible for large scale low cost public domain dissemination. I will be happy to intercat with others thinking along these lines, as we have initiated a small project to make this feasible in Mahrashtra.

With best regards and all the very best,
N. Vinod Chandra Menon,
Professor (Disaster Management)