Two more earthquakes have hit New Zealand in the hours after a 7.8 magnitude killed two.

Emergency officials are warning of a tsunami and have urged people living along the east coast to move to higher ground.

The first quake struck 57 miles north-northeast of Christchurch just after midnight local time on Monday and shook much of the country.

A second of 6.2 magnitude struck New Zealand’s South Island at around 2.20am this morning.

And a third of 5.8 magnitude was reported to have hit at around 7am today.

Two deaths have been reported - one in Kaikoura and one in Mt Lyford.

Regular aftershocks continue to hit parts of New Zealand after major quakes battered Christchurch and South Island.

Earthquake monitoring website GeoNet is reporting a series of smaller shocks in the areas.

Recent incidents include a 3.5 magnitude earthquake in Kaikoura, a 4.2 quake near Seddon and a 3.2 shock causing “weak shaking” near to Cheviot.

A witness to the earthquakes has described how people are “moving on with their lives” after the strong shocks hit New Zealand.

Journalist Jason Proctor from CBC was on a cycling holiday when the quake started.

He described it as “insane” but admitted that people were already picking up the pieces and moving on.

Jason said: “It was just completely insane. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced.”

He was in Hokitika, one of the small towns in South Island where a 6.2 magnitude quake hit.

Jason added: “It’s kind of unsettling because you just think, well what do I do? It’s normal, but the earth is moving constantly.

“But at the same time, there’s no damage here. People are kind of moving on with their lives.”

Local residents Chris and Viv Young look at damage caused by an earthquake along State Highway One, south of the township of Blenheim on New Zealand’s South Island.

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