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Awards for innovations for/by children during IGNITE, 2015 Read in Hindi

More than two decades of experience in Honey Bee Network convinces us about the potential grassroots communities have to solve their own problems.  It is true that not all problems get solved.  And the ones, which get solved, don’t always reach the optimal level of efficiency.  It is for this reason that the blend between the knowledge and institutions in formal and informal sector is vital.  It is proposed that SRISTI announces some of the persistent problems faced by local communities among college students and also school children to seek their solution.  As understood not all solutions will be optimal.  However, the heuristic underlying a solution may have cross-domain and cross-cultural applicability.  It is to exploit such potential that a competition is proposed to be organized among technology and selected school students to address some of the unmet social needs.  

National Innovation Foundation (NIF), Ahmedabad celebrate October 15, the birthday of Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, former President of India as Children’s Creativity and Innovation Day, the IGNITE campaign is the channel for harnessing the untapped potential of young innovators. NIF has been scouting and rewarding the child innovators for the last nine years. National Innovation Foundation - India invites submissions of the creative technological ideas/innovations from the students up to class 12 th for the 9th national competition for children's ideas and innovations - IGNITE 2015. On the same platform the awards for the idea & solutions of some of the persistent problems announced by SRISTI will be organised.

Gandhiji had announced an award of 7000 pounds in 1929 to improve the design of spinning wheel.  Its present value may be approximately ten million rupees.  The idea of crowd sourcing from children and grown up students for solving the problems of children and their families in the vulnerable conditions is not thus new.  But, in the context of open innovation framework, which Honey Bee Network has pursued for over 25 years, the need for sourcing ideas from masses is completely relevant and imperative.

We invite nomination of innovative ideas in the below areas.


  • Technology Interventions for eliminating child labour
  • Innovations for nutrition and health of children and women
  • Innovations for education via process/pedagogy/product for underprivileged children

We wish to seek innovations in various ways like:

  • Technology innovations
  • Institutional innovations
  • Process, applications, etc.

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