Sristi Sanman in January 2015

SRISTI invites nominations for “Sristi Sanman”, felicitating creative individuals and communities in the January 2015 (The exact date will be announced shortly).

We request you to kindly nominate individuals/communities who have done exemplary work in the following domains -

1. Widespread social diffusion of practices and innovations influencing the community or environment or in some other positive manner
2. Spread awareness for the conservation of biodiversity or have contributed to the Common Property Resource Management (through informal institutional framework).
3. Outstanding artists/artisans or people who have revived any traditional art form
4. Contributed towards spreading the ideology of Honey Bee Network.

The nominations may be sent to us latest by 31st October 2014 by mail on or post on

AES Boys Hostel Campus,
Near Gujarat University Library & SBI Bank,
Ahmedabad - 380 009
Gujarat, India
Phone: (91-79) 27912792, 27913293

It will we reviewed and selected one will be informed.