Shekhar Kapoor interacts informally with students of IIM Ahmedabad in a late night seminar on creativity and the essence of a moment.

On 27th Dec, 2012, IIM students were joined by SRISTI members to welcome the critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated film-maker- ShekharKapur. But as was apparent all through the evening, Shekhar was there just as a creatively charged person who wishes to share his inquisitiveness and curiosity with everyone.

After a brief introduction by Prof. Anil Gupta, who talked about how Shekhar has the ability to constantly surprise him, Shekhar broke the ice by sharing an anecdote about his daughter. He spoke about how he thought that his daughter was a ‘child prodigy in art’ until she went to school. He finished it off by saying that creativity is often lost ‘in the dance between education and survival’.

The full video can be found in 3 parts here: