Opening at Sristi

SRISTI invites application for challenging leadership andstaff positions for its various activities. Suitable candidates as per below mentioned requirements are requested to send their resume.

A. Positions for BIRAC-SRISTI PMU

  1. Project Coordinator:

    Salary maximum up to Rs. 65,000/- p.m. (Consolidated)

    Essential qualification: Candidate should be PhD in pharmacy, biotechnology, plant sciences, medical technologies or postgraduate with MBA andexperience of six to eight years in research/incubation/business development/technology development/fabrication or master degree with management/professional experience of incubating technologies for threeto five year.The qualifications can be relaxed in exceptional cases

    Desirable: Experience of managing projects for product/business development supported by external agencies; coordination, communication, interface with industry and academic institutions etc.,
  2. Research fellow : (Scientific Project Management, Product Development, Biotech, Pharmacy, Biomedical and similar sectors)

    Salary maximum up toRs. 30,000/- p.m. (Consolidated)

    Essential: Candidate should be M.Sc./M.Tech in any branch of Science viz: Botany, Zoology, Agriculture, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Plant Biotech, Animal Biotech / Masters in Engineering (any discipline) with 3-5 year of experience in research /incubation /business development/technology development/fabrication.

    Desirable: Having 3-5 years of experience in managing R&D projects at academic or business institutions/industries.

B. Positions for managing TECHPEDIA

  1. Project Coordinator /Manager

    Salary maximum up to Rs 45,000/- p.m. (Consolidated)

    Candidate with BE/ME/MBA/MSC/MS/MCA can apply for the Techpedia ( project at SRISTI. Candidates have to work with student innovators in higher education institutes and coordinate various efforts like pooling of final year projects/innovations, doing prior art search, coordinating innovation activities across various universities in India. Candidate should be willing to travel (nearly 15-20 days in a month) to various universities/grassroots innovators and have suitable project management abilities. Candidate should contribute to various flagship programs like GYTI, crowd funding, website management, Social Innovation Fund, incubation support and Summer Innovation School etc..

    Candidate with suitable ICT, planning and coordination skills having ability of preparing project proposals, evaluating the projects and writing the script of the events undertaken isdesirable for a suitable candidate.

    Emoluments are not limitations for the right candidates. You are requested to send your resume at with clear mention of the post applied.

    The last date to receive the applications is 20th July, 2016

SRISTI invites application/quotationfrom the individual / professionals / companiesfor services ofbelow mentioned works.

  1. Editing: We need to take the service of the copy editor for our quarterly magazines, Draft Reports, Draft Projects and Draft Scientific manuscript for journals etc.

    The incumbent should have proven track record and work experiences of minimum 5 years in editing of journals related to community knowledge and scientific journals / newsletters etc.
  2. Translation: We need to get services of translator for Gujarati to English, English to Gujarati, Hindi to English and English to Hindi for our quarterly magazines.

    The incumbent should have proven track record and work experiences of minimum 5 years in translation for magazines / newsletters/ journals etc.

    a. Database / Webpage: We are managing different portals of our activities on webpages. It needs regular up gradation, designing of portals as per projects need and their timely up gradation and implementation.

    The incumbents should have following knowledge base to send us quotations for services

    • Strong Linux skills.
    • Practical experience with most if not all components of AWS: EC2, ELB, Route53, S3, RDS, IAM.
    • Demonstrate experience with automated deployment, continuous integration, and source control, especially Git.
    • Know how to build and support scalable web applications in a variety of languages (Python, Scala, Go).
    • Demonstrate familiarity with networking and security concepts.
    • Operation and architecture of multi-tier distributed systems involving load balancers, caching layers and real-time event processing
    • Proven experience of design and/or implementation and/or support of highly distributed applications (i.e. having an architectural sense for ensuring availability, reliability, etc.)
    • At least some programming/scripting knowledge
    • Experience of setting up clustered/resilient filesystem and database configurations
    • Experience of network/machine monitoring solutions.
    • Excellent knowledge of the Python/Django stack and technologies such as Memcached, Redis, RabbitMQ, Celery, PostgreSQL
    • Experience with core web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS) and contemporary frameworks like jQuery, Angular, Backbone, and Bootstrap.
    • A good understanding of MVC architecture and RESTful design patterns
    • Experience with configuration management tooling (Chef, Ansible, Puppet) and application containerization techniques.
    • Experience configuring webservers and load balancers (Nginx, Apache, HAProxy, etc)
    • Familiarity with web and AWS security best practices.
    • Familiarity with telecommunications protocols & tools, especially SMPP & Kannel

You are requested to send your quotations at with clear mention of the quotation for the services applied.

The last date to receive the quotationsis 20th July, 2016