BIRAC Annexure I

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Who can submit the Proposal: Students and Faculties of any field of Biological Science

Format of Proposal

Annexure I

1. Name of the Practice:

2. Source of the Practice:

3. Name of Innovator/Practice Holder and Address:

4. Name of Investigator:

5. Occupation of Investigator: Student / Faculty

6. Name of the Institute with complete Address of Investigator/s:

7. Broad Area of Research:   Human Health / Agriculture

8. Key Problem to be solved:

9. Specific proposal to address the problem:
(In maximum 250 words with supporting references)


  1. Review of literature and patents:
  2. Designing of Experiment:
  3. Indicators and Genes:
  4. Risk and Chance of failure:


11. Methodology

  1. Detail of Experiment:
    (Reference of Protocol proposed to be used)
  2. Work Plan:
  3. Time Line:
  4. Risk and Chance of failure:


12. Do you have the required facility for it*:

  1. Will you like to use the facility available at SRISTI Lab:
  2. If Yes; for how many months or days:


13. Detail of Expenses Recurring only

  1. Scholarship (@ Rs. 5000/- PM for Maximum 5 Months) if needed
  2. Chemical and Consumable:
  3. Laboratory Fee (If not available with you):
  4. Travel:


Signature of Applicant:


* If the Investigator does not have the facility required to execute the work, they can work in Sadbhav SRISTI Sanshodhan Natural Products Laboratory (SSSNPL) of SRISTI and pay the charges of using the facility from the Grant amount. The charges of using the SRISTI’s Lab for experimental work will be similar with the fees of Incubation center’s of BIRAC.

Remark: IPR will belong to the knowledge holders. Hence in publications, reviews due credit to contributors. The collaborators can be encouraged.