About Sristi Logo

Give me a place to
stand... I will move the world!!!

A symbolic expression of SRISTI philosophy. The illustration
appeared on the cover page of Honey Bee 2(1) for the first time. It became popular over
time and has also been used as the logo of the International Conference on Creativity and
Innovation at Grassroots held at Ahmedabad during Jan 11-14, 1997.

The famous quote of Archimedis (Give me a place to stand...
I will move the world!!!) while presenting the principle of fulcrum, has been adapted here
to signify similar appeal by goddess of indigenous knowledge and biodiversity for
recognition.. The lady in the picture carrying (protecting) the biodiversity is appealing
for getting space (recognition) so that it can change the world with the help of the
formal science ( research and development ) represented by the fulcrum.

The broad goals of SRISTI, viz., (i) To protect the
intellectual property rights of grassroots innovators (ii) to build bridges between formal
and informal science, and (iii) to conserve natural resources particularly biodiversity
and the associated people’s knowledge are visually presented by the illustration.