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The SRISTI Samman Awards, which were started in 1995, is an attempt to honour grassroots innovators and knowledge-holders, people who have come up with creative solutions to problems of all kinds, especially, for conserving and preserving biodiversity. Apart from individuals, informal institutions engaged in similar activities are also felicitated. Since its inception, every year SRISTI Samman is awarded to such people and institutions who have been mainly nominated by the Honey Bee Network collaborators present in different parts of the country. SRISTI believes that such people need encouragement and recognition. Moreover, seeing them appreciated inspires many more to follow suit. There is hardly any organisation in the country that finds and felicitates such people or informal institutions. In this context, SRISTI’s initiative is pioneering.
In the year 2000, after the formation of National Innovation Foundation (NIF), it was decided by SRISTI to focus primarily on the unaided innovations from the organised sector, informal institutions and others whom NIF cannot take up for its own award for policy reasons, though some from unorganized sector are also considered on case to case basis.

The effort has continued for twelve years now and the commitment renewed every year to serve the knowledge rich creative people of the country.

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