SRISTI honours young inventors from across India

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AHMEDABAD: From refrigerators that can warm water to wheel chairs that can climb stairs, innovative ideas from across the country were displayed at the campus of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) on Thursday. The event was a part of handing out awards to best innovative ideas by Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI).
The competition called 'Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards', launched by SRISTI this year, received over 5,000 entries from students of 45 universities across the country. Out of these entries, 14 best ideas were awarded in three categories - Socially Relevant Technological Innovation Award, More-for-Less-for-Many Award and Technological Edge Award.
While the competition received entries from 21 states in the country, a total of 3,000 entries were from Gujarat alone. Students from the state also proved their competitive edge by bagging six awards out of the 14. The six awards went to the students of Gujarat Technological University (GTU). While students of Pune University and Punjab Technological University got one award each, the other six awards went to students of various Indian Institutes of Technology.
The event also had the presence of IIM-A faculty Anil Gupta, GTU vice-chancellor Akshai Aggarwal and National Innovation Foundation president R A Mashelkar who is also chairman of Global Research Alliance. Handing out the awards to the winning students, Mashelkar said, "These awards play a very important role in reinforcing innovation in the country as they recognize the outstanding works and innovative ideas of the young minds and encourage them to continue further."
Appreciating the innovations that were taking part at the competition, Mashelkar said that India must develop an ecosystem for nurturing innovations. He said that such a measure will mobilize development of frugal innovations and help people at the grassroots of the economy. He said that 550 million young people in India can certainly play a critical role in innovating ideas that can contribute in improving the life of people by solving their day-to-day problems.