Nov 11: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam awards the IGNITE winners!

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Our former President, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, gave away the awards to IGNITE 2011 competition awardees at IIM Ahmedabad on November 1, 2011. 25 children were selected from a total of 5000 entries for the competition from across the country!

Dr Abdul Kalam was thoroughly impressed by the ingenuity and creativity of these young children. Dr Kalam delievered and inspiring speech for the children and explained to them ways for "How to become a unique you"! He said that one must have great aims in life as aiming low is a crime! He said that one must continuously acquire knowledge and work hard always. He asked the kids to become the 'captain' of the problems and to defeat them. He presented an equation for knowledge where knowledge is equal to creativity, righteousness in the heart and courage. He said that creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great. Where there is righteousness in the heart there is beauty in the character, where there is beauty there is harmony at home and harmony at home lead to harmony in the nation and harmony in the nation leads to harmony in the world. The children took an oath with Dr Kalam that they will always thing big and aim high and always think as to 'what i can give !' not 'what i can take'! Dr Abdul Kalam's speech not only inspired the young and the old alike.

It was amazing to see the young 'ignited' minds present their creativity and innovative thinking for various everyday problems. Various innovations that were awarded were:-

Rice grain separating/cleaning machine
Sajid Ansari
Class 7, Gurunanak School, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Seeing his mother clean rice every day twice, Sajid came up with this desktop machine. This automatic electric machine separates broken rice grains and other physical impurities from unbroken rice grains.

Pen for poster writing with an adjustable stroke tip
Rimjhim Baruah
Class 7, Pragjyotika English School, Jorhat, Assam

Creative writing or drawing on posters requires pens/markers with different tip sizes. To do this, one has to change the pen as per need. Rimjhim has developed a pen with a broad writing tip, which can draw strokes of variable width. Now you do not have to change your pen to draw a thin line or a thick line, just rotate the tip!

Modified walker with adjustable legs
Shalini Kumari

Class 8, Hartman Girls School, Patna, Bihar

It is quite difficult for old, physically challenged or person recuperating from lower limb problems to climb up or down stairs using conventional four leg walkers. Shalini has thought about an idea to mechanically alter the height of the legs of the walker so that they can be adjusted as per the height of the stairs. This makes their usage on stair safe as well. She has also provided a folding seat so that the user can rest for a while when required and fitted a horn and a light to it as well.

Easy Car cover
SR Poobesh Gowtham
8, Ashok Leyland School, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu

Covering a car is a very cumbersome process and thus mostly people leave it uncovered exposed to the elements. Poobesh has thought about a simple idea of using covers rolled inside a rectangular frame. The frame is simply put on top of the car and the covers pulled out and down on the sides and, front and back. They are held to position by gear locks. Open zips are used to join the ends of the cover as a single piece. After unzipping, gear locks are released, which makes the covers roll back into the frame.

Manual bed sheet squeezer

7, Sagar Vidya Mandir, Udupi, Karnataka

Who has not felt troubled while manually squeezing washed bed sheets or denims to drain out water? Dhavala has thought about a simple machine, which has one fixed arm and another one with a handle. The bed sheet or any such cloth is attached to the machine, and as the handle is rotated, the water gets squeezed out of the bed sheet.

Device to assist low vision people
Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo
9, DAV Public School, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa

Jyoti Ranjan has developed a system to assist low vision people in their day to day life. His system makes use of a zoom camera and a LCD. The camera zooms in distant images, which get displayed on the LCD present in front of the eyes. This Camera and LCD arrangement is attached to a helmet worn by the person. This aids the low vision person in perception and motion. Jyoti has got this system tested at many Hospitals as well, where doctors have appreciated his work and suggested him to optimise the device.

Foldable water bottle & Hoe cum shovel
Ishfaq Ahmad Wani & Refaz Ahmad Wani
10, Anantanag, J&K

Creative twins, Ishfaq and Refaz have a number of ideas to their credit. They have thought about a foldable water bottle where the size of the bottle can be reduced by folding-in as per the quantity of water remaining in the bottle. Carriage then becomes easier! They have also developed a shovel, the scoop of which can be rotated at the hinge to be converted into a hoe.

Medicine expiry indication
Shweta Sharma & Jaskiran Goraya

9, Police DAV College, Jallandhar, Punjab

It happens so many times that accidently one may consume a medicine that has expired. This may be a problem if somehow the date of expiry mentioned on the packet gets erased, is illegible or the patient does not know the language. Shweta and Jaskiran have come up with different solutions to the same problem. Shweta suggests having a packing, which will change colour as per the medicine expiry time. Jaskiran suggests having a thin liquid coating within a membrane around the tablets/capsules. This membrane slowly disintegrates with time; the thickness can be adjusted as per the date of expiry of the medicine. Close to the expiry date, the membrane will completely disintegrate and the liquid, which will come out will spoil the tablet/capsule. So there will be no chance for even accidental intake of medicine.

Medicine box with reminder facility, taps with different timer settings
Mohit Singh
10, DPS, Sidhi, MP

Mohit has a couple of interesting ideas to his credit. He thinks about developing a medicine box, which will remind the patient timely to take medicine. He also suggests developing an electronic system to be attached to taps, which can close the tap when either a given amount of water has flowed out or after set time interval.

Shoes with device to calculate time spent in physical activity and regulate TV viewing time accordingly

9, Police DAV College, Jallandhar, Punjab

Seeing that the children today spend more time in front of television than engaging in physical activities, Chhavi has thought about an idea to integrate TV remote with shoes. While a child plays around, the total time spent in physical activity gets recorded in the shoe. As the remote is integrated with the shoe, the child cannot watch TV beyond the time, s/he has spent outdoors playing. So the more you exercise or play, more is your entitlement for watching TV.

Stapler that indicates pin are finishing
Ankita Nagarkar
10, St Ursula High School, Pune, Maharashtra

This problem has been faced by most of us. Every time pins in the stapler get finished, we are caught unaware. Ankita has thought about having coloured pins towards the end of the pin-set so that while stapling if the user sees a coloured pin, s/he can keep replenishment handy.

Healthy Air machine
G Brahadees
12, Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu

his is an energy efficient, cheap and multipurpose machine which can be used for all the air related function like air cooling, air heating, air purification, air blowing, winnowing and vacuum cleaning for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural purpose.

System to detect Computer Vision Syndrome, Blind navigation system with terrain mapper
Vignesh R, Manoj Kumar, Raghav Simhan
12, Padma Sheshadri Bal Vidya Bhavan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

(1)System to detect Computer Vision Syndrome: Prolonged exposure of eyes to computers and television daily has given rise to many eye related problems. This particular device integrated with a computer can detect the number of eye blinks per minute. It gives an alert to consult a doctor, if the number of blinks gets reduced below a medically accepted number.

(2) Blind navigation system with terrain mapper: This is a navigation system where shoes can map the terrain using sensors and GPS. This information is shared as thermally in specially designed gloves worn by the blind.

Foldable & Portable multipurpose device
Pankit B Gami & Ekta Patel
12, JNV, Tapi, Gujarat

Space is the primary constraint in most houses in the cities. A number of devices for different purpose not only add to the procurement cost but also occupy space. Pankit and Ekta have developed a multipurpose device, which can be used for a number of ways like table, chair, stairs, hammock, rocking chair, relaxing chair etc. This device can foldable and portable. You can even attach your stroller to it and carry both along wherever you go.

Use of helmet as an ignition for two wheelers
SM Arthi
11, Government Girls High School, Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu

While there are laws preventing a two wheeler driver to ride without a helmet, yet the same is not followed properly. A lot of deaths in road accidents occur due to this. Arthi wondered why the helmet cannot be used for ignition. It effectively means that until the rider has worn the helmet, the vehicle would not start. Simple!

Strollers with foldable luggage carrier and other ideas
Himanshu Verma

11, Mayoor School, GB Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

Travelling with multiple luggage bags is quite troublesome often. Himanshu has thought of a folding system incorporated in a stroller that is able to hold other smaller bags. The stroller, with the luggage bags, can then be pulled easily. Himanshu submitted over 115 interesting ideas for the IGNITE competition compiling them in a small neat booklet like the one you are holding in your hand now.

Pipe cleaning device
Bhanwar Malviya
12, Sirohi, Rajasthan

Bhanwar has conceived an idea to develop a small device that can go down drain pipes to clean them. This device would be able to manoeuvre turns as well and adjust to the drains of different diameter within a certain range. Once the pipe gets cleaned the device would be able to retrace its path to its starting point.

Bhama auto diagnosis machine
Akshay Sivadas
11, Indirapuram Public School, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Akshay has thought about a standalone medical diagnosis machine that would be able to take blood samples and give reports of the same. The machine would also be capable of testing other basic physiological parameters as well.

Anti molestation device for women worn on wrist
Manu Chopra
11, GD Goenka Public School, Delhi

Reading about molestation cases almost every day in the newspapers, Manu has come up with an idea to make an anti-molestation device. This is a watch like device capable of monitoring pulse rate and nerve impulse. Any significant increase in both the parameters (due to an emergency especially when someone is trying to trouble) will activate electricity in the upper portion of the device. When the person trying to molest will catch hold of the wrist, he would get a shock that would give sufficient time to the girl to run away.

System to prevent drunken drivers from driving
Arpna Verma (10, S.R.K. S.V.M., Jalaun)
Priya (11, SAI Grace International Academy, Dehradoon)
Lakshmi R (12, Atomic Energy Higher Secondary School, Kalpakkam)

The children have independently conceived their solutions for the problem of drunken driving. One mentions that the system would be able to ascertain the alcohol level of the driver through palm contacts on the steering/handle grip. Sensing that the driver has consumed alcohol, the onboard system is going to ask the drive some questions. If the driver is not able to answer the questions correctly, then the system will prompt for the password. If still the driver does not manage to get it correct, the system will lock the ignition. Another idea to achieve this is to use an on-board breath analyser to find out alcohol content in the breath and accordingly jam the ignition, if the detected range is beyond a certain limit.

Jacket that can sense body temperature, blood pressure etc and send alerts
Sheikh Sipai Farhinbanu Makbul Ahmed & Amlan Anupam
12, FD High School for Girls, Ahmedabad, Gujarat & DAV School, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa

Both the students have thought to develop a jacket that could monitor some basic physiological processes like temperature, blood pressure, heart beat etc and store all the parameters in a digital device like a mobile. This device then can be programmed to send an alert signal to a doctor/hospital if there is a marked deviation in the parametric readings from the normal