Educational Innovations

Studies by Prof Vijay Sherry Chand
Learning From Innovative Primary School Teachers
Teachers as transformers - Learning from outstanding primary school teachers  
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Teachers as Transformers
“Innovative Primary School Teachers at Work”

This volume is a record of the inspiring narratives
of primary school teachers working in our state-run schools in very
difficult socio-economic contexts, overcoming odds with their imaginative
responses to seemingly intractable problems. Their experiences illustrate
the dictum, ‘universalization has to be from the village upwards’—efforts
to ensure education for all have to counter localized and context-specific
socio-economic barriers that hinder educational performance.

About the author

Vijaya Sherry Chand is Professor, Ravi J. Matthai
Centre for Educational Innovation, Indian Institute of Management,
Ahmedabad. His areas of interest include educational innovation,
management of education systems, teacher development, the non-profit
sector, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

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