32nd Shodh Yatra Punjab, 28th December, 2013 to 2nd January, 2014

Press Release

32nd Shodh Yatra Punjab, 28th December, 2013 to 2nd January, 2014 Shodhyatra Report

We would like to inform you the latest update regarding 32nd Shodhyatra in Punjab 28th Dec 2013 to 2nd Jan 2014.

The starting point will be Nirmal Kuteya Sultanpur Lodhi instead of Chakhchela (as informed earlier)Every one are requested to come to Nirmal Kuteya Sultanpur Lodhi on 28th Dec 2013.

For more information please contact: Parshottam Patel Mobile 09979892139, 09653003024

we pay tribute to the valiant efforts of Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal who mobilized local communities to clean the Kali bein river when state and the  legal systems proved inadequate in the matter 

The next ShodhYatra will be pursued in Jalandhar District, Punjab, from 28th December to 2nd January, 2014. Those desirous of embarking upon this unique learning expedition may join n 28th December 2013care of Sant Balbir Singh Ji, C/o.Nirmal Kuteya Seechewal Post Office:- Chak Chella, Tehsil:- Shahkot, Pin code:144701, Distr:- Jalandhar-Punjab by evening 4:00 p m. Departure is possible on 2nd January 2014, 02:00 pm onwards.

The temperature during the Yatra is expected to be 18-20 degrees max during daytime and 4-5 degrees or  lesser at night.

In order to learn from four teachers, one within, one around, one in nature and one among common people- a learning walk is organised by SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions),Ahmedabad,  supported by various sister institutions of Honey bee Network in particular National Innovation Foundation.Twice a year, the ShodhYatra takes place in different parts of the country, with support of the Honey Bee Network. The aim of this yatra is to felicitate creative people at their doorsteps. We try to learn from the wisdom of local communities,grassroots innovators, traditional knowledge holders, students with innovative ideas and other individual change agents making significant contribution to society in conserving bio‐diversity, promoting educational innovations, supporting cultural creativity, revitalizing local secular and sustainable institutions etc. The ShodhYatris comprising academics, scientists, innovators, villagers, students and others walk about100 -125 km over a period of six days to learn and share the message of wisdom at grassroots. Biodiversity, and idea competitions are organized among children and recipe contests are organized among local women in some of the villages.  Special attention is paid to recipes with at least one less known or uncultivated plant as an ingredient).

ShodhYatra  helps in reaching out to  remote  and neglected parts of the country with a firm belief that natural and social  hardships and challenges are the prime triggers for creativity and innovation. Traditional knowledge and grassroots innovations are scouted and disseminated  that have not only simplified the lives of men, women and farm labourers but have also significantly contributed toward the conservation of biodiversity and other natural resources and environmental quality. The Shodh Yatra will thus aim at:

  • Felicitation of local innovators and traditional knowledge holders.
  • Organising traditional recipe competitions and biodiversity competitions to promote awareness of, and responsibility for local biodiversity and other resource conservation
  • understanding local developmental issues and problems faced by villagers
  • Sharing open source information available with SRISTI and NIF which may have local applications as such, or as a metaphor, or a heuristic or as a constellation of factors or gestalt.
  • Identification of centenarians, enterprising women and children, artisans, rural researchers and people contributing to the preservation of natural resources and /or associated knowledge.
  • Encourage preparation of local knowledge register including climatic, botanical, material and skill diversity.
  • Understanding creativity in designing and adapting local common property institutions, studying educational, cultural and other social innovations
  • Promoting low cost, affordable and sustainable organic farming and resource use technologies.

How to reach

By Rail: Sultanpur Lodi (20 km from ChakChella village)

By Bus: Sultanpur Lodi (20 km from Chak Chella Village)

By Air: Ludhiana is the nearest airport, 70 km from Chak Chella village

For further information pl contact Mr. Ramesh B Patel (Mobile:9825061139) or send an emailto shodhyatra@sristi.org

Instructions for Shodhyatris on how to prepare for the walk can be found here

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