41st Shodh Yatra in Andaman and Nicobar islands

41st Shodhyatra at Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Radha Nagar (Diglipur) to Webi (Mayabunder)

23rd to 28th April, 2018

Andaman and Nicobar is a Union Territory divided in three districts, North and Middle Andaman, South Andaman and Nicobar. The shodhyatra is being organised in the North and Middle Andaman district Diglipur and Mayabunder division. During the shodhyatra, the yatris would walk about 110 km in rural areas crossing villages, forests, creeks with mangroves.

Registration: Considering various logistic issues, the registration is open for only 40 shodhyatris to be selected by SRISTI from among all applicants. Those who wish to participate in the Shodhyatra, are requested to send their application to SRISTI (email: shodhyatra@sristi.org) as soon as possible, Registration is open till 30th January, 2018

Reaching Port Blair

By Air: Port Blair can be reached by air from Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakhapatnam.

By ship:Ships also ferry passengers from Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakhapatnam but are less frequent- weekly or fortnightly with the schedule dependent upon weather. Online booking of tickets is not available and once departure dates gets announced in local newspapers, tickets are to be procured 5-6 days in advance at the ticket counters in respective cities. Ships from Kolkata halt at Mayabunder where one can get down and move to Diglipur. It will take three nights to travel from Kolkata to Mayabunder and three hours from Mayabunder to Diglipur.

Stay at Port Blair

As buses are at 4 am – 7am it is advisable to stay near Bus stand to avoid missing the bus, which are mostly on time. Since Port Blair is a major tourist destination, the cost of stay is high however, facilities for all budget types are available. One Hotel ACC is next to the STS bus stand and offers AC and Non AC double/triple/four bedded rooms between Rs 800-Rs 2500. Some other hotels and lodges are also in the vicinity.

Reaching Diglipur

By road:Port Blair is on the southern tip of Andaman island and Andaman Trunk Road (ATR) runs from South Andaman district to the North and Middle Andaman district. Most villages/settlements are situated along/ off the ATR.

Diglipur is over 320 km from Port Blair and can be reached by road and air. State Transport Service (STS) and Private bus ply on the route from Port Blair to Diglipur starting 4 am to 7 am. In STS buses advance booking (Rs 280 per person) has to be done about 10 days in advance at the STS bus stand at Port Blair whereas in private buses [Rs 375 non-AC and Rs 475 AC (which doesn’t work mostly)] a day in advance will do. Private Bus (Anand, SS Transport, Geetanjali) counters are near STS bus stand in the market. It takes on an average 11-12 hours to travel from Port Blair to Diglipur with 7 am buses generally reaching around 6 pm. The route passes through Jarawa Tribal Reserve Forest (no talking, giving food, photo, video of the Jarawas is allowed, there are punishable criminal offences) in a convoy which enters the forest reserve at 6am, 9 am, 1230 pm and 230 pm. After crossing the reserve forest, bus reaches jetty where passengers board/ bus loaded on a ferry to cross the creek to reach Baratang (water sports, mud volcano) island. After crossing the island, the bus reaches Gandhighat, the other end of the Baratangisland and again passengers’ board/ bus loaded on a ferry to cross the creek to reachUttara, the southernmost point of North and Middle Andaman islands. Thereafter the bus passes through Kadamtala, Rangat (Lunch), off-Mayabunder to Diglipur.

A couple of private night service buses are also available but due to the condition of road and the fact that most of the route is through forest, it is not advisable to take night service bus. In case of a break down no support service is available.

Reaching Radha Nagar, the starting point of Shodh Yatra

Radha Nagar is further 16 km away from Diglipur and regular buses (Rs 17), jeeps (Rs 25) are available. Auto can also drop there but they charge anywhere between Rs 250-300, depends upon ones negotiation skills. Buses from Port Blair going to Aerial Bay, travel through Diglipur and Radha Nagar but are less frequent.One needs to get down at Radha Nagar Panchayat (near Primary Health Centre) and look out for the ShodhYatra banner.

Returning to Port Blair

The shodhyatris travelling on their own for the Shodhyatra may book their STS bus tickets to Port Blair immediately upon their arrival at AC office at Diglipur or DC/Ac office at Mayabunder as advance booking is required. For private buses, booking a day in advance at either of the two places will be possible. One may board the bus from Webi village.



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